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ZillionCoin (TM): Infinite Possibilities


New mining algorithm launched in July 2018 allowing for in-wallet CPU mining.


The ZillionGrid is an infinite scalable P2P database network supporting blockchain transactions. ZillionCoin will support the fully managed Zillion Node Network around the world. More to be announced


Super fast nodes provide instant transactions using P2P databases. Hybrid blockchain network supporting various data formats including Video and Audio.

ZillionCoin Specs

  • Publicly Launched 08/14/2017 @12:31AM (UTC)
  • Latest Update July 2018
  • SpreadX11 Algorithm PoW - Upgraded to ZillionFLUX algo
  • NEW July 2018: Easy in-wallet CPU miner
  • 220M total coins, 60 sec block time
  • Real time exchange prices, market indicator Bull/Bear
  • 66.66666666 ZLN block reward, smooth halving every 4 years
  • All platforms (Windows, Linux, MAC)
  • New GPU miner coming soon
  • Launched Dec 2018: https://Zillion.News

Wallets and Sourcecode


Download the ZillionCoin Wallet software for Windows
(Updated July 2018)



Download the ZillionCoin Wallet software for Linux
(Updated July 2018)



ZillionCoin Wallet software for Mac
(New update coming soon)

Source Code

Github Repository
(Updated July 2018)


ZillionCoin Vision

For the ZillionCoin currency, developers wanted to create a universally accessible wallet interface. All users of ZillionCoin, whether they are traders, content producers, content receivers, or a combination of the above, need to use the wallet in order to effectively use the currency.

In order to achieve this, the developers created a series of listings and data screens, each designed with the user in mind. The idea of ZillionCoin is inclusivity, not exclusivity, and thusly the developers decided from day one that the interface should support this. No matter what the user’s experience level with cryptographic currency, they will be able to navigate the wallet’s data screens and achieve a high level of insight.



Zillion Grid Server Nodes

Blockchain technology is still a critical component of a digital currency. The blockchain enables a cryptocurrency to remain sustainable, while also preserving the privacy and security of network users. The developers understood that blockchain protocols could not be abandoned altogether, and, instead must be enhanced and augmented.

The solution would be to create a hybrid server environment; one which retained the original blockchain attributes and build upon them. Other features could then be added, like the scalability and versatility of a distributed database, or the query function not currently supported by the blockchain. More at

- Zillion Team Developers


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